Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?
The truth is, there is no catch. Onify is here to provide independent businesses with the tools to help create their biggest possible customer base, the basis of which is your own reward scheme and listing on the app. We offer these services free of charge as these are the foundations for creating a returning customer. Our payment plans provide the additional features that help businesses grow their customer base, so once you've grown accustomed to your free plan, then you can begin to look at upgrading your account to further push the limit of your reward scheme. 
How does the pricing work?
Use the FAQ section of your site to answer those routine questions that always come up and need to be answered. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be.
How do my customers claim their reward?
Customers are notified when they have a reward to redeem at your store and can claim it by showing you the offer when they go to pay. Once they’ve hit ‘redeem’ on the app, a countdown will appear giving the customer five minutes to claim their reward before the offer expires. If you cannot see the countdown, just ask them to click the ‘redeem’ button and it will appear.

Pricing FAQ

As a new business, what plan is best for me?
We recommended starting out with our free plan to build the foundations of your Onify reward scheme. However, the paid plans will offer your business the best results in the long run, as you will be able to offer a more personalised & unique reward scheme to each customer - the sort that keeps customers coming back.
How will I be charged for the payment plan?
We offer flexible payments to all businesses so that you can pay in a way that best suits your needs. Business can pay through a non-fixed monthly contract, or pay annually at a discounted rate. If you choose to pay monthly you can even upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you wish!
Can I try out the paid plans for free?
Yes, you certainly can! Once released, we will be offering any registered businesses a 30 day free trial of our premium Onify packages. You will have to enter your card details to do so, and you're pleased with the results you can let your trial run over into a monthly contract.
Will I need to sign a contract?
In short, you will need to sign a contract if you wish to use our Pro or Onify A.I plans. We don't to unnecessarily tie business down to a long-term contract, so there's no obligation to sign up to an annual contract if you don't want to. Remember, you're always free to upgrade or downgrade your Onify plan as you please! 

Setting up your account

Created your reward scheme but need help finishing your account? Hopefully, these answers can help.

What is the Dashboard?
The dashboard is the hub of your Onify account, allowing you to update your in-app profile, add rewards or change ones you've already set, download content to share online or use in-store and to track important customer data. If you have an account, you can visit yours now at
How do I set my profile picture?

Follow these steps to set a picture for your profile on the Onify app.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard and visit the 'Business Details' section
  2. Click the section marked 'Picture', and select the image you wish to use
  3. Click 'Upload' to confirm your image. If your account has been activated, your profile image will now be live on the app! 
How do I change my rewards, or set new ones?

Any changes or additions to your current rewards can be made by visiting the 'Rewards' section of your dashboard.

From here you can do the following:

  • Set Welcome or Special Offers
  • Update your points based rewards
  • Choose between offer points for 'Visits' or 'Purchases'
  • Alter the amount of time between which customers can collect points
Can I buy more of marketing materials from my welcome pack?
You will soon! We're currently in process of putting our online store together. If you'd like to purchase any additional materials, contact us at and we'll get back to you with prices!

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