By George • June 6, 2018

Retain Your Customers

When you’ve managed to attract new customers to your business, it can feel like the hardest part of your job is complete. But as we say here at ONIFY, the trick isn’t to just make another sale, it’s to try and make a customer for life.

Here, we've selected five of our best tips for retaining a first time customer. Have a quick look through, and hopefully, you could find some useful information that will help turn a one time sale into a returning shopper.

1. Customer Communication

Regular communication with your customers, whether in-store or on your social channels, has a huge impact when trying to keep customers connected to your business. You're far likelier to retain a shopper if you can establish a good rapport with them, and sustaining a constant presence on social media keeps your business in the front of customers’ minds.

2. Consistency

Usually we think of consistency as about providing a high standard of product, but in fact, consistency in all areas of your business can help keep customers returning to your store. This can mean anything from being consistent with your levels of communication, regularly asking for customer feedback on how to improve or making sure your branding is consistent both in-store and online.

3. Keep it personal

Having a personable business where customers feel valued and looked after goes a long way to providing that added touch that can help retain a shopper. This could be anything from a personalised birthday or thank you email to loyal customers, to making sure you regularly respond to any customer who contacts you on your social media channels.

4. Connect with your community

Customers who themselves enjoy being a part of their local community are likelier to return to a business if they know that they too are playing an active role in improving the local area. Getting involved in your local community can involve anything from hosting events to providing community fundraising projects or partnerships with local charities.

5. Loyalty Cards

One of the most effective ways to retain a customer is to offer them an incentive to keep coming back. Loyalty cards that offer rewards and discounts are great ways of showing your appreciation to customers and thanking them for their continued support of your business. What’s even better, is that companies like ONIFY now offer these services as a digital tool for your mobile, making the whole process as simple as possible.

For more information, visit our homepage to see how ONIFY’s marketing and digital loyalty app can benefit your business.