By George • July 13, 2018

The Rebrand: Working with CCM to achieve our goal of a new look Onify

If you've visited our website, social media channels or downloaded the Onify app you may have noticed we've recently undergone a major rebranding. What started out as a few ideas on how to improve the in-store products we offer registered Onify businesses quickly became a top-to-bottom rework of our brand, and we have the good folk at CCM to thank.

We went to them with a pitch to create a unique identity for Onify that was warm, approachable, visually striking & something registered businesses would be proud to share online and display in their stores.

Having started with this as a foundation for our new brand, we were delighted at what they came back to us with, producing a new logo, typeface, colour pallet, social & web graphics, icons and an in-store marketing pack for registered businesses.

The new logo and typeface captured what we wanted for Onify, something approachable & soft form that reflects our business. They were even able to incorporate a three-dot pattern into the logo to illustrate customers collecting points through the Onify app, ingenious!

The real jewel in the crown for us, however, was their design for the new counter stands. These were to be sent out to businesses listed on the Onify app and contained the code that customers scan when they collect points at a business's reward scheme. We wanted something that stood out at a store's counter, would catch the eye of customers as they pay and would make business owners feel connected to the Onify brand & other registered businesses.

A tall order, but we were thrilled by what they produced, a vibrant stand that instantly catches the eye but also feels understated enough to fit in with the decor of any business. It's the cornerstone of our marketing pack, and we couldn't be happier!

Bertie Cordingley, Onify CEO, said: "It's been a pleasure to work closely with CCM over these last few months. I felt as though they understood what we were after from the very beginning, whilst they've really helped us to realise our vision for the Onify brand. We were amazed at how well they were able to bring our ideas to life based on what we thought were very broad concepts.

Working closely with us through channels like Slack & Trello made it feel as though they were always on hand to help out, making the process of working with them very efficient. As a team, they were always full of ideas for what would work best for us, which really helped us to shape the final product exactly how we wanted. Here's to working with them again in the future!"