By George • June 6, 2018

How can a personalised Reward Scheme help small businesses?

As with all consumer-based industries, technology is constantly revolutionising the way that businesses interact with their customers. One of the more recent ways that it has affected retail is via the introduction of digital loyalty cards, with smartphone apps and digital wallets replacing more traditional paper cards.

For several years now, smartphone apps designed to hold all of a shoppers’ loyalty cards in one place have been freeing up space in customer wallets. However, despite most of these apps being targeted towards larger scale companies, there’s plenty of scope for a small business to greatly benefit from their own digital loyalty card. So if you’re a small business owner who wants to upgrade their loyalty card from paper to digital, or maybe you’re considering starting your first loyalty scheme, have a read below to see how a digital loyalty card can benefit your business.

What can a digital loyalty card offer a business?

Digital loyalty cards work in the same manner as a traditional paper card, meaning that your business can still offer stamps and rewards as an incentive to returning customers (only without the hassle of having to search for your business’s stamp). Aside from this, however, there are several other ways they can assist your business.

Firstly, having your card stored on a customer’s smartphone means you’re able to offer out limitless reward cards, without worrying about the costs of printing cards or buying stamps. Each time a card is completed, the app simply resets the card and the customer begins collecting again.

Each reward is determined by the individual business owner so that you can personalise each aspect of your loyalty scheme. This means you get to decide how many stamps a customer claims before collecting their reward, and what their reward is (e.g 10% off next order). These can be changed online at any time, giving you total control over the rewards and offers your business hands out.

What’s more, loyalty apps like ONIFY allow small businesses the chance to offer check-in rewards. This means that the first time a user finds your business on the ONIFY app, they can check in to claim a special one-off reward - acting as a further incentive for new customers to visit your store.

How does this benefit customers?

As we all know, what’s good for the customer is good for the business, and luckily there’s plenty of benefits for them. In fact, the rise in digital loyalty cards is not solely down to the businesses wanting them, but also the demand from customers themselves. A recent survey found that 80% of shoppers wanted to start collecting loyalty rewards of their smartphones rather than on papers cards. This way all their important cards are stored digitally, without taking up heaps of space in their wallets. This also meant that they would no longer need to worry about constantly losing their cards, and having to start over and collect their stamps from scratch.

As you can see there’s plenty of benefits for businesses to start going digital with their rewards. These are just some of the benefits on offer, so if you want to read more about how ONIFY’s loyalty card scheme can help your business, visit the Onify Home Page.