By George • February 7, 2019

Had a quiet January? Make sure it doesn’t happen next year

Experiencing a drop in sales during January can feel so common that we seem to accept it as something that's inevitably bound to happen. Shoppers, deemed to be burnt out from their Christmas spending, are expected to tighten their purse strings and curve spending for the month, leaving small businesses starting the year out of pocket.

However, even with spending down over Christmas, the idea that your customers are hiding away at the start of the year might be a thing of the past.

Reuters recently reported a 2.2% increase in spending during January, indicating that shoppers aren’t put off spending cash at their favourite businesses during this month. This is great news for independent businesses, as even if you've found yourself having a quiet start to 2019, there’s no need to worry.

At a time most associated with sales season for retailers, your customers are always on the lookout for something special such as a bargain or a special offer as thanks for their continued loyal spending. With this in mind, there’s plenty of reasons to be cheerful right now, even if you have had a slow start to 2019. With the right approach to customer retention, plus some creative ways to attract and retain new customers, any business can flourish and have a successful January.

Here are 3 ways that your business can make sure they don't have a quiet January again:

Make the most of your busier months 

Your quietest time of the year is never the best opportunity to start looking at building a customer base. As obvious as it sounds, businesses need to be nailing down their customer bases when their store is it’s busiest. The times when customer footfall is at it's peak are the ideal opportunity to establish connections that keep shoppers coming back to your business. Once you do, you’ll have a dedicated base of customers to contact during your quieter months.

Create offers that show what you do best

Customers passing through your store aren’t interested in any leftover Christmas stock you might need to shift. Instead, create offers that showcase the products your business excels at so that even when they are full price, shoppers will still be flocking back to buy it again. Offers to suit every type of customer can also help. Attract new customers with a generous welcome offer or offer something special to your regulars as thanks for their repeated visiting during quieter months. With all bases covered, you’ll give yourself every opportunity to get customers back through your door.

Keep in contact

Whether social media, email or new tools like push notifications are your weapons of choice for contacting customers, making sure you use every channel available to speak to your customers is a huge asset when business is slow. Regular communication across all channels is your greatest resource for ensuring you’re not forgotten by your customers. You can even use it as an opportunity to announce new products, plans for the upcoming year or anything else that you feel will create a customer who is eager to return to your business.

These are just a few ways to save yourself from another quiet January. For more information on how Onify helps businesses avoid this, visit our website.