By George • June 6, 2018

How To Enhance Business Discovery

Reward schemes have always been a principle way for businesses to retain a core customer base.
Once you’ve got a shopper through the door and purchasing your product, the obvious next step
is to .

But as Reward schemes begin moving from a customer's wallet to their the smartphones, the ways
they can be utilised to a business's advantage have changed. A handy new way they can be used,
particularly for a small business, is as a marketing tool to help new customers discover your shop.

The first thing to point out that apps like ONIFY don’t guarantee to attract new customers to your
store. However, through added features like welcome offers and location discovery,
businesses can begin the process of creating a returning customer before they've ever stepped
 foot in your store.

How do loyalty apps help customers find my business?
With loyalty apps like ONIFY, users can explore their local area and discover businesses who are
signed up to our service. This means that your shop can be discovered on our smartphone app
by users, even if they haven’t yet visited your store or collected points at your store. Businesses
are highlighted to users based on their location, so any customer who discovers you will already
 be close to your store when they do so - strengthening the chance of them paying you a visit. Not
only this, but ONIFY’s app also offers directions to the user so that they can quickly locate your

The welcome offer
Another way that digital card providers like ONIFY aid business discovery are by incentivising
customers with a welcome offer for checking in to your store. This one-time reward is set by your
business, allowing you to offer customers a reward for shopping with you even before they’ve paid
you a visit. This gives your business an instant advantage over competitors, as it’s small offers like
these that can make a big difference when attracting new customers. Once in, the customer will
already be aware of your loyalty card scheme, and that they can collect a reward. All you need to
do is remind them to collect their stamp.

In short, ONIFY’s service is designed to make sure your business is given every possible chance to
attract a first-time customer, before eventually turning them into one of your regulars.