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Our Mission

We set out with a goal to provide independent businesses with the tools to compete with the larger high-street chains & to build the types of customer bases that actually help to generate revenue.

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Our Customers

The majority of businesses we work with are small to medium sized independent businesses & small-chains. We chose to work with this customer base, as working with independents allows us to work closely with the owners and provide bespoke reward schemes for each business. Currently, our clients range from coffee shops & cafes to pubs, salons & hotels. 

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Our Promise

We truly believe at Onify that businesses who use our app to host their reward scheme will see a increase in their loyal customer base. Whilst we want to make clear that it is a businesses reward scheme, and therefore up to the businesses to get customers registered onto the app, we will do everything in our power to provide the best possible product for each individual store. We're always happy to chat more about how we can help you, so do feel free to contact us at support@onify.com or call us at the above number for a chat.  

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Meet The Team

Onify was created in 2017 by CEO & Co-Founder Bertie Cordingley & CTO & Co-Founder Damian Ławrynowiz with the intention of offering independent businesses the tools to create their own digital loyalty schemes. Currently we have a small, dedicated team (Five of us in fact) who work around the clock to provide the best possible service to all registered businesses, whilst working closely with them to help them create their own bespoke reward schemes. Having initially started out in Nottingham, you can now find out Onify counter stands in businesses across the UK. 

How Onify's Reward Scheme Works

Build the foundations for
better loyalty
Start out with Onify's free plan to build yourself the foundations for a bigger and more loyal customer base. The free plan offers you the basic Onify features for as long as you want, helping to provide you with the basis for attracting more customers to your new reward scheme. 
Upgrade to Onify Premium to
personalise your reward scheme
Once you've got your customers collecting points with your new reward scheme, you can start creating the kind of personalised reward scheme that keeps customers coming back to your business. Set multiple rewards to create a unique loyalty card for each customer and offer 2-4-1 points happy hours to show you care about their loyalty. 
Keep customers returning
with Onify A.I.
Upgrading to Onify A.I. takes your reward scheme to the next level, helping you to connect with a customer even after they've left your store. Once a customer has collected a point, we provide the communications for you that remind the customer to return to your business and keep collecting points. You'll never lose track of a customer again. 

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